A weekend with Ga-Ma and Ga-Pa

Haven't posted in a while. It's been a whirlwind. Part of the whirliness has been prepping for a few speaking engagements during naps or in the margins of motherhood. I just spoke at a regional conference called "Every Student Sent" in Indianapolis. I can post it when I get a link - they recorded it. In order to do these speaking events, my parents are taking Robby for these weekends - what a job! He was there last weekend and learned phrases such as: "watch golf?" and "nice putt." And has continued to talk about his grandparents since he got home.

We were playing down at Sandy's house (who usually has some great old school vintage toys) the day after his weekend and I cracked up when we saw this figure and Robby said: "Ga-Pa!"  The picture below is a spitting image. Notice the reflective spot. And is Ga-Pa on the potty? I think so.