The Less Campaign

(my idea of Less, Organized and Beautiful)

I need Less in my life. Less stuff, less email, facebook, texting, twitter, technology, cleaning, stress, hair (I cut bangs).....just Less. Maybe even, dare I say, Less people. My friend was just telling me today that with each new technological advance came with it the false time saver of "now I can do MORE." Eek. I need Less.

But that's the great part. More Robby. More Jesus. More family togetherness. More of Less.

I present to you: The Less Campaign, by Amy Seiffert.

So here's my Challenge (competition is one of my strengths, says StrengthFinders): "Take 5 Away A Day." Since October 10, I have decided to take away 5 things from my house each day until October 31. That's 21 days (the amount of time to form a habit) that will total 105 items marching their way right to Craig's List, Goodwill, A friend, hopefully not the trash.....

Could be anything: kitchen stuff, clothing stuff, crap know. You've got it. I want less to clean and less to think about.

And the great part of my "Take Away 5 A Day" is that once I get 5 for the day - I am done - because I know I've got tomorrow. So I have actually sifted through half of my closet and 9 dining room and kitchen drawers and have pulled out 20 things so far ranging from old sweats to bowls I just do not use. All for about 6 minutes each day. I think I might be a plate- and-bowl-aholic. They are both useful and pretty......eek.

A friend just texted: 73.

73? (I said)

Items she has removed from her house! It's only been 4 days, girlfriend! Keep it up.

Wanna join The Less Campaign? What would you like Less of?

(I think I might actually create some technical boundaries: I may only check email/facebook once a day for 15 minutes total. Then done. If it is REALLY pressing, you will call or come over.....Less.)