Pro Bass Shop: The new indoor playtime

Have you not heard? Do you not know? We didn't. But I we thought we'd try. And we came upon: bears, fish, waterfalls, boats, a cafe, electronic trains, remote control cars, coloring tables, game tables, Santa's wonderland (already, I know, I know), kid-size landrovers..... This place is big and fun and crazy. I think Robby and Sophia sat, gabbed and played in a huge, yellow boat for a half hour while Baby Maggie slept and we chattered away. These moments is when being a mostly stay at home mom seems posh. They had a blast at this unconventionally child-fun place. And it's in P-burg - just half way for a Toledo friend rendezvous!

We met up with our hubbies for lunch and enjoyed some super yummy reubens and soup. The Holiday Season felt officially here.