Italy Sold; Zambia Hope

It has turned out to be a very fruitful show....thank you, Madhouse Creative (befriend them on facebook!) for hosting me. "Italy" has just sailed away....(after a friend called and in a perfectly gentle yet definitive way decided she would have the painting) a great newly wed home.

(I hesitate to say this as I run the risk of patting me on the back or something, but I want the word to be spread...) I am giving money from my sales to a beautiful organization called: Zambia Hope: Check it out video here. Rob was in Malawai, Africa and at the same time another friend went to Zambia this summer. And from our friend's visit he started a non-profit to give more beds to these 32 orphans who between them had 3 beds. They now have electricity as of Monday in the orphanage and will get a refrigerator soon for milk and eggs to allow them more than one meal (sometimes none) a day. They are in SUCH need.

So as Italy is sold...Zambia is given a little bit more hope. If you'd like to help out this season to Zambia, let me know.