Secret Christmas Cookie Recipe

I've never had one before. Have you?

A secret recipe.

My cookies became such a hit this Autumn as I made them a few times and then again for Christmas. My mother has made them for years; I guess I just foolishly and naively grew used to them.

But I started to experiment with the joy of colored frosting this Fall. The hues of tiffany blues, lime-y greens and blue spruce blues fueled the fire to make some fantastic looking yummy treats.

I've gotten a lot of requests for the recipe and it has been freeing, fun and silly to say: "Well, it's a secret" with a twinkle in my eyes. I watch jaws drop to the ground as their faces imply: "How dare you!"...."The audacity".....

It's amazing how a humble cookie can instantly rise to rockstar status because it's untouchable.

So, you can ask....and I might consider it. Might being held very loosely.

What are you keeping a secret?