The Practice of Celebration

Today I am practicing celebrating. I've heard it once said that followers of Christ should be the biggest party-throwers and celebrators out there because of the hope that is theirs and the endless joys at their fingertips. I like the idea, and so sometimes, when it does not come naturally to celebrate, I must practice it. I must will a celebrating heart. I celebrate that I have one child. Only one right now. And I soak him up. We do things that he is in to. We are only on his schedule. We read and read and read. He and I are true buddies. The freedom really is lovely and fun.

I celebrate my flexible job on campus that bends for and welcomes motherhood.

I celebrate my friends who love me and ping me just to say they are thinking of me.

I celebrate the dreams that a few people have had about the hope of a new baby for us.

I celebrate the most handsome, tenderhearted, strong ("My dad is strong." - randomly from Robby as he just sat on the couch yesterday) and "with me" husband that I am one with.

I celebrate my one and only blood-related sister, Hol. She is the best. I love thinking of ways to tell her how much she means to me like surprising her family at her firstborn's second birthday.

I celebrate my in-law sisters. One just told me this week that she prays for me each passing menstrual cycle. One just sent me a song after my last post called: "Beloved" by Tenth Avenue North.

I celebrate my friends, K and L, who write songs for kiddos like my son to encourage pooping.

Speaking of...I celebrated my son today with a Potty Party with donut holes from Tim Hortons and a buddy for him to share them with because he was dry all day - and each time he asked to use the potty - he did! Not one diaper change today! It's just plain fun to watch this happen and click. He's a little over 2 and half.

I celebrate the fun and joy of public speaking. I just came from speaking at a sorority house on campus and I tucked Biblical truths and realities into my chat with them about Thriving Sisterhoods on Campus. I feel energized.

I celebrate you, dear reader. I know that my words are heard by someone and that helps me to stop and think about and care for each letter I type.