Carrying Me

Sometimes I feel like different things carry me around during my day. Especially when I am emotionally undercharged. As if this particular thing has the strength to pick me up, sling me on it’s hip, and carry me around. Like I’m the toddler. Good, hope-filled and noble things do this. God-sent things, I’m sure. Sometimes it’s a word someone said to me that I just skate around on as I do the dishes, carry my son, fold my laundry.

Other times, it’s a song. A song that I keep singing until I believe it’s true. A song that was sent to me in the mail from Santa Fe from a dear friend, at just the right time.

And these past few days it’s been a book. This book has been my companion in some strange situations. I have had the rare chance of flying to Omaha this past weekend to be a keynote speaker at the Great Plains Regional Greek Conference. Sounds sorta fancy. Not really. But a wonderfully fun and sweet little time in the lives of these college students.

As I found myself traveling alone (repeatedly looking around for my son or any needs he should be having or hugs to be given or books to be read) I stopped. Took a breath. Had a self-talk moment. Self, enjoy these dumb airport delays that are setting your arrival time back. Enjoy the alone time. Enjoy your book club book you haven’t been able to pick up in 2 weeks. You only have You to take care of.

So, I let Aibeleen carry me. I let Minny cook for me. I let Skeeter write for me. As I read deeper into the new novel “The Help,” these characters have picked me up and taken me with them. I learned with them. I laughed with them. I cried with them. I felt fussed over and coddled and loved by them.

I cannot help but allow music, words, art carry me. I have to humbly let them, too. Because the beauty of Word invites, inspires, repairs.

The beauty of Song is strong when I am weak.

The beauty of pages of struggling lives gives perspective and newness.

What has carried you around lately?


Robby letting a song carry him....