Easter, Redemption and Spring

Happy Easter to you. I hope your Sunday was sweet. Ours? We rose while it was still dark, gently woke our little boy and wrapped him ready for an outdoor mass overlooking Mt. Echo in Cincinatti. As the the sun rose, so did we sing. Very beautiful. He is risen indeed. Keeping with the redemptive theme in our home...I just cleaned, top to bottom, inside and out, lemony and clean - my refrigerator. What was that green thing in the back that I swear I saw take a step? No idea. But it's gone now.

Also as Easter and Spring have arrived...I have redeemed my mother's teapot. It's over 30 years old. "Harvest gold" was the trendy color and she had it in the latest tea pot as a wedding gift. Needless to say, she asked for a new one this Christmas -which I gave her. She then (all too enthusiastically and shockingly) handed over her vintage one.

It had not had a good scrub in years. Grime and muck were caked on. And I believe it whispered: "Somebody redeem me, please! I really am a sweet Harvesty-gold good one that can add fun to your kitchen...."

So here it is. Should have done a "before picture"  - but use your imagination. Easter, redemption and Spring all in one place around here. Cheers to your Spring Cleaning and to visions of a happy fridge.