Oh well.

Lightning-McQueen-disney-pixar-cars-772510_1700_1100 "Momma! This is not the right case for Lightning! This is the wrong one!"

Panic. Fear. Things are out of order for my little boy and he is starting to crumble....

Daddy had put Cars (the movie - a favorite - THE favorite) in a normal run-o-the-mill cd jewel case. Not the Cars dvd case that is it's rightful home. And Robby was panicking. And when you panic you start repeating yourself  it seems.

Robby just kept saying: "It's not the right one! It's not the right one! It's not....."

"Oh well."

Robby looked at me. I repeated it. Oh well.  "It's not in the right case, oh well."


"Oh well. Let's practice flexibility, buddy...... It's not in the right case, oh well."

and he continued to tell me how it was in a wrong case and I continued to add at the end for him: Oh well.

Oh well.

Christy, our houseguest dropped by our room as I was installing my new mantra and remarked how she was feeling very flexible and relaxed just hearing our conversation. Nice. Let's all say it together now: Oh well. No biggie. What a bummer. So many things have cause for me to say out loud, after I start to crumble: Oh well.

Here's to the need for more Oh wells. For the seemingly big things that, with a simple Oh well, could help us move on with our day. What needs an Oh well today for you?