Donut Dates

We like to frequent our hometown coffeeshop: Grounds for Thought for donut dates every now and then on Wednesday mornings. It's pretty quiet in the back with a kiddo area stocked with cars, books, and crayolas with coloring books. He's giggling with a chocolate mouthful of donut as I tried to capture our Robby-Momma date. "Can we go on our date now?"

"Yes, baby, let's go." dd

Speaking of dates....Robby likes to play with my wedding ring. The other day we went through our normal Q and A regarding my ring:

"Who gave this to me, buddy?"



"Because he loves you and wantsa marry." (He loves you and wanted to marry you, right)

"Some day you can get married to a sweet girl."

"You, Momma?"

Melting, melting, melting right outta my chair and onto the floor. So sweet my mouth tingles.