How to hang your children's art...

because let's face it. They are prolific painters. Colorers. Designers. Creators. And your asking yourself: what to do with all the beauty, all the time, everywhere? I've been thinking about this for my life and my mother-friends lives. Art is abundant and fridges are small, cluttered, overwhelming. And art is so valued, loved, worth it. After researching....this is what I've decided....(for now): A Robby Frame.

I took an old, large frame and tied some lace around it and hung it up. No glass, just frame. Then we can tape different pieces behind it and display them for all to see. Not shoved in a corner - but in a prominent place - so that he knows how proud of him we are. I also read how removing (throwing away, let's not be coy) older art pieces helps them know we can make room for more creativity. And the suggestion was to do some throwing away together and talk about what s/he will create next. Hmmmm.

I also like the idea of holding an "Art Opening for Robby's Work". For grandparents, family, friends. With snacks like chicken nuggets and chocolate milk. With a live band. Fantastic. I'll let you know when we cook that one up!

Here's Robby's Frame:


While looking around I also found some fun ideas:



cafemomI really like this last one....I love how gigantic this frame is! I'm on the lookout for one....lemme know if you find one.

How do you hang your art, kiddo or otherwise?