May 19, 2001: 9 Years Celebrated Today....

9 years ago I woke up nervous, excited, eager. I was going to marry THE Rob Seiffert. 9 years ago I headed to the hair salon with all 10 bridesmaids getting ready for our day.

9 years ago the day was 70 degrees, not one cloud in the sky and beautiful. Perfect for our outdoor reception in the Toledo Old West End Arboretum. The first and probably last reception ever in that quaint little park. The trees have grown so much it would be hard to fit tents again. (The week before: Rain. The week after: Rain.)

9 years ago I walked down the aisle to a Waterdeep song, on my father's arm, with a church full of fantastic people. (thanks for being there!)

9 years ago I slipped into my dress made by my mom, a fantastic seamstress. This included french lace and hand beading done by myself over the course of many months that year. (It's still not been washed yet....eek)

9 years ago I entered a covenant. One that will only be broken by death. One of the most spiritual acts I've done.

9 years ago we cut the cake, had a piece in each hand and went to sweetly feed the other; I had it in my mind to let him have it - he quickly answered my smash! Gotta love the drama.

Happy Anniversary, babe. You are my man.