Josh the Finch

images It's called "Rolling Disease" in the bird world, I'm told. Which is a bird who has a degenerative disease close to cerebral palsy. He has about 4 years left, maybe. He needs a home. I had tears in my eyes and thought: lets give it a go. It's just a tiny, sweet little beautiful thing that has to be in a cage anyway.

So, on Robby's birthday, we went to rescue a gouldian finch. Robby knew it was his choice to name our new family member and he took it seriously. He took one look and announced: Josh.

Josh the Finch.

Has a similar ring akin to: Attila the Hun. James the Lesser. Thomas the Tank Engine.

Josh the finch is a male who has lived in an aviary with other beautiful finches - the owner and our friend raises finches. She started to notice Josh rolling in circles more and more on the ground of the aviary. He can stay upright if he can hold onto something - hence the need to be in a cage. She hoses down the aviary every night and cannot hang onto him with all his needs.

I asked Robby why he chose Josh. He didn't respond and continued to play with trucks. It's a mystery.

Here's to tending to the weak, the orphan, the needy, the beautiful.

Here's Josh the Finch: