Hello Fall!

I love living in a state with seasons. Ohio does each one with gusto. Snow has no apologies. But neither does the summer sun and sprinklers. Right when I'm about to be OVER one of them...they excuse themselves and make a lovely little exit. 

And here we are, finally, with the heat subsiding and the leaves rustling....thinking about falling.... and my windows are open wide.

I love life with the windows wide open. The outside is in. Nature plays with my curtains. It reminds me that we are integrated and holistic people. Chirps and crickets and leaves playing songs in my kitchen, in my living room. Invited in and sharing our space right along with laughter, spilled milk and nerf gun wars. 

We are intertwined with emotions and thoughts and heart. We aren't neat and tidy, all boxed up behind garages and closed doors. Our voices carry and crumbs of conversations are carried away in the wind. The friendship of nature and my home is a welcomed change. 

Anybody need a change? 

Maybe it's right now - an attitude change. Or a heart posture shift. Or a direction change. A new hope, a new song, a new something. 

So thankful for seasons that change - reminding us that so can things in my life and your life and little people's lives. There is always room for change. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Hello, Fall. 

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Amy Seiffert