Lead by Lifting

I am going to bank on the fact that you are leading SOME thing, Dear Reader.

Could be an official job position, a title, or just pure influence. Years ago a dear friend told me: Leaders don't have to have a title, but they do have to have influence.

Maybe you're heading up something in your community, or you lead a classroom, or you manage people, or the Littles in your home, or the unspoken social network in your neighborhood, or a church, or a small business, or a caravan for 15 minutes from one destination to another. Something (or, rather, Somepeople) is under your leadership, your influence. Could be for a few minutes or a few years. 

At one point, I was the president of a co-op preschool. You may think "little people, little problems." You are dead wrong. Nothing can prepare you for THAT. Not years of leading a team, or heading up various committees or really ANYTHING. Parents truly are a special breed. Present company included. I can get my panties in a wad with the best of 'em. I just am well-practiced in keeping it together. Mostly. (Let me just say: I adore our preschool and especially our faithful teacher. It's just that presidenting is truly a hard task.)

Here's a little secret about me - I love reading about leadership. Nerd alert: I may or may not have leadership books stashed in the bathroom for a quick read while the kids watch cartoons. The latest ideas I'm chewing on include:

-Leaders lose the right to be selfish; leadership is not to be used for personal benefit.

-Leadership rises or falls to the level of the leader’s integrity.

-Leaders are vulnerable; leaders cannot hide their heart.

-Leaders aren’t afraid to face reality and are proactive in facing problems.

-Leaders understand the value of relationships.
— John Maxwell

Leaders lose the right to be selfish. Let that one sink in. Let it sink in the year we have to hire a new president. Let it sink in when we want the credit. Let it sink in when a small, 2 year old child asks for more milk when we are tired to the bone and just sat down for the first time in weeks. 

I want to be led like that and I want to lead in that way. Where leadership is not for personal gain and people are not pawns in a sordid chess match.   

May we lead by lifting others up as an upside kingdom comes into focus. Where the King of that very kingdom lost every single right He had. 

Today's Freebie Friday is for your break-rooms and your classrooms and your bedrooms of your growing Littles. Let's declare and demonstrate what we all want done to us.



Amy Seiffert