Refresh: Sarah Humphrey

Today's post was written by Sarah Humphrey. You can follow her and find her books, her new blog called "The Humphrey Table," and all her family fun here!

Personal peace is the result of grace and truth combined in love.  It’s a day in age where people, especially mothers, are deeply searching for this supernatural form of empowerment.  As the world continues to modernize, we see more and more opportunities for ourselves to “get connected”, to “make a difference”, and to “be someone”. It’s ironic that even young mothers are feeling this tremendous pressure at an increased measure simply because popular culture enhances our feelings of worth or our feelings of shame.  How can it be that we even think to struggle with purpose when we are creating and nurturing life in our midst? Many of us have been trying to gather the pieces of ourselves back with minimalistic strategies, getting rid of clutter and also negative emotional patterns in our lives, so that we can attempt to recapture the song of our hearts again. And it’s this song that will birth what we have looking for.

It’s true. Our culture has perpetuated anxiety, depression, and the cluttering up of the heart. We’ve often gone after the big picture instead of slowing down and being present enough in the small things.  And in the midst of it, we see our immune systems and our bodies crumbling.  Our ability to fight off disease or to keep our minds in truth or our hearts full, becomes a bit more challenging.  It’s the time in history that we currently live, and raising children within this context can bring about a million different questions.

One of the personal mottos I’ve given myself in the midst of this potential emotional turmoil is to make room for the simple supernatural. My goal every day isn’t to get a million things done or to make the world go round, it’s to live in Presence. Present with God, present with myself, and present with the people and situations around me.  When I’m present, purpose isn’t even a thought, because it is the reality.  When I’m present, I’m always in the right place at the right time. I may not be the most successful, I may not be the most polished in a variety of ways, I may be awkwardly vulnerable, and I might even make more mistakes (gasp!), but I’d rather be those things within my original process than to be a polished and “perfected” version of myself by covering up with something that doesn’t bring lasting fulfillment.  I’m living my life’s song in this regard; everything in my surroundings can now become affected by that honesty. It doesn’t mean that every day is peaches and cream, and it doesn’t mean that life still isn’t busy.  It is busy and it is hard, but I also don’t lose sight of what’s important in the midst of those things.  Life was meant to be lived, challenges were made to be conquered, and dreams were made to come true! And this is what I want to teach my children, and this is what I want them to emulate.  But in a culture that can lead all of us in an opposite direction, one that may gain the world with followers but could lose their soul in the end, I want my center to be strong. I want my spirit to lead me, my mind to be sound, and my body to be healthy.

And for me that centered connection starts with a simple prayer, “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-- align me spirit, soul, and body today. Fill me afresh with revelation from Your heart and confirmation in your Word.” 

It’s in these simple two sentences that I daily, and even several times a day, might get my adjustment into supernatural rest.  And from that place of rest, my purpose comes alive.  Try it this week as you go grocery shopping, or as you change dirty diapers, as you listen to world news, and as you participate in sharing your resources inside and outside your home. I believe He’ll meet you exactly where you are and that you will be refreshed in the stillness. It’s beautifully ok to be you, in every facet of your process and in every avenue of your life.  It’s where He meets us--within the true humility of the heart. Be blessed and refreshed this day and every day to be simply-supernaturally-YOU.

Amy Seiffert