An After School Cape for You

I've noticed an easy recipe here or there weaves its way into some fantastic books. A quick, delicious dinner from an author-turned-foodie for a few pages. A recipe where everyone wins. Or even a recipe that sounds needy, with its chopping and simmering, but turns out amazing, nourishing, and totally worth it. 

I, too, will stand with these beautiful writers and throw a recipe in the hat. I use "recipe" loosely. I'm actually offering a dummy-proof snack, which is about all I've got right now. I'm no Julia Child.  

This should truly be effortless. Like, a monkey could do it. And I'll go so far as to say that YOU don't even have to do it. Which is the best. You can delegate this recipe to the five-and-ups in your world. Everyone will not only win, they will conquer. Some may even say they will be more than conquerors. 

This is something my husband grew up eating. When we were in college, the first time he brought me home to his family he waltzed into the pantry, pulled out the peanut butter and two spoons, and asked if I wanted some. Swoon. Without further ado:

Rob's Mom's Peanut Butter Spoon

As you can see from the start, this is not for those with peanut allergies. We will not attempt to conquer a life-threatening issue here. But I think you can find an easy other-butter substitution if that’s your situation. I believe in you. You have both beauty and brains.  

That said, locate a jar of peanut butter. Any jar will do. Open it. Take a spoon and dunk it into said jar. Pull out the spoon with a generous glob of peanut butter attached. You are done. 

If you are feeling particularly gourmet and find yourself with extra time, add any topping you'd like. You'll find most things stick to peanut butter. Chocolate chips. Cereal. Granola. A king-size Kit Kat Bar. It's pretty much endless. 

No need to thank me. This gives a protein punch and dirties approximately one utensil. (If you don't even want to clean a spoon, use a plastic one and pitch it in the trash can. Or recycle. Let's do our part.)

It's a crowd pleaser. You now own a cape. After school never felt so good! 


P.S. Sometimes you write on depression and it's heavy. Other days you lighten up. We cry, we laugh, we hold so many things in our souls at the same time, amazingly. Love you, dear reader. We are so complex and it's perfect. 

Amy Seiffert