The Simplify Project: Three Categories


This is our FINAL week! You just rocked your January! We simplified our Kitchen, Mind, Closet, Soul and now Clutter. Let’s talk about three categories of cluttered space in your home. The challenge this week is to choose three areas in your house to simplify. You could go by room or by category. 

Rooms: Living, kids bedroom, master bedroom, dining room, linen closet, garage, basement, office, bathrooms. 

Categories: Books, papers, toys, linens, toiletries, storage, sentimental.

What to do: Choose three areas. Write them down. Visualize what you’d like it to look like (don’t skip this step. If you want spacious shelves or drawers, see it in your mind’s eye) Take everything out of that area or take all items and pile into one spot. And then decide for each item: 

Does it spark joy? It’s a keeper. 

No joy? Say thank you. Set aside to donate.

You’ve done your kitchens. Your closets. So you have done it and you know how. You can simplify faster than before! You have all week to do these three areas. You’ve got this.

I would love to hear from you! Reply back with your three areas and you plan! (I.e. Office: Monday and Tuesday. Kids Toys: Wednesday and Thursday. Basement: Weekend.)

My three areas are: Monday: Linen Closet, Wednesday: Mud room closet, Friday: Master Bathroom

Let’s simplify! I’d love to hear on all the socials - tag me and have fun! 

Chin up,

Amy Seiffert