Spring Soul Cleaning: Day 5

You guys are troopers. We have done a lot of hard work in Psalm 18 the last five days. From waves to walls, God is with us. 

One of the reasons David writes is to recount and remember all that God has done for him.

  • God has been his rock, his fortress, his shield, his savior, his castle, and his hiding place.
  • God has heard him and showed up.
  • God has been his support and put him in a spacious place.
  • God is his light and his leap pad. 

As David's list gets longer, His praise gets louder. He has taken the time to sit down, recall all of who God is, write it down, and stand in awe:

The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock!
Exalted be God my Savior!
— Psalm 18:46

Let's follow David's path. For the next quiet moment, find actual pen and paper or make a note on your phone. It's time for some Praise Madlibs (is that a thing?) Write three shouts of joy about who God is to you. David has given us a template.

The Lord _(verb)_!

Praise be to my _(noun)_!

Exalted be God my _(noun)_!

Even if it feels strange or you're not there, give it a try anyway. Just call it practice. Ask God to help you if you don't know what to say. Ask Him to help you remember all you've seen Him do.

Friends, this has been a sweet 5 days of soul cleaning with you. I needed to open up some windows in my soul and let sweet truth sing a new song. May you remember who God is when you hit a wall in the dark. May you anchor your identity to the Rock. May you practice shouting praise to God, even if you aren't all the way there.

He is mighty. He is holy. He is worthy. 

Amy Seiffert