Take Care Of You: A 15 Minute MomLife Routine

This really doesn’t need to be stated but I’ll be Captain Obvious anyway: all moms work. Some work hard at home raising their kids. Some work outside the home in a variety of settings. Some do a combination of both. And for all of the different kinds of work we do, feeling confident as we go about our day is a game changer. 

Whether you have a big presentation or you are gluing googly eyeballs to popsicle sticks, we simply want to feel good. Feeling good doesn’t mean polished, done-up, and squeaky clean. It means confident and healthy. And moms, if you want to take care of you - you are not asking too much. And it doesn’t have to be complex. Let’s keep it simple. As Emily Ley suggests, life is complicated enough. 

A few moms have asked me if I have any routines on feeling good in my daily skin. Here’s my 15 (or so) minute morning routine whether I’m running a staff meeting or running a household of smaller individuals. 

1. The Five Minute Shower. (This first one is only on days I go into the office, so I don’t greatly offend others.) Hair washing is super optional. I am only washing my hair about twice a week these days, and I work out and sweat most mornings! I usually just wash my bangs and blow dry those. Dry shampoo at the roots and coconut oil on the ends to the rescue!

2. The Five Minute Closet Visit. In order to get dressed easily, I have simplified my closet and have at least 5 complete home-life outfits that fit well and 8 interchangeable work staples that also flattery my body type. Here is one of my favorite blogs for capsule wardrobe ideas. Most everything I put on fits my body type well. 

3. The Five Minute Make-Up Moment

- Moisturizer with 30 spf (I use Roden and Fields Soothe with 30spf)

- Bronzer (after all the ones I’ve tried, are you ready? Wet n Wild. Am I in junior high again? But I can't help it: "Crown of My Canopy" Highlighting Powder is my favorite and many of you have asked! But I am quite sure it's not so plant-based...)

- A lighter shade of cream eyeshadow. This is from a FabFitFun Box my sister sent me!

-  Mascara. L'Oreal (I've heard it from the pros: cheap mascara is as good as expensive) Because I often look homeless if not. And it is probably the biggest game changer for my face. If I were to be stranded on an island with only one make-up item: Mascara. No competition. If I'm feeling extra, I'll add some eyeliner. Totally optional. 

-A Nude Shade lip color/gloss. I am loving Revlon Colorstay Overtime: Endless Spice. Color on one end and gloss on the other. But I also love the nude shades by Burt's Bees (all of the make-up pictured is mine!)

4. Five Minute Hair. I have three easy hairstyles: the top knot (most used!), side braid (next easiest and cute) and then loose waves. Believe it or not, making loose waves takes about 5 minutes because my hair has a natural curl and takes to heat easily. You know your hair, and you know what looks good. Or maybe you don't! Ask a few friends about your best, easy hair look they like on you. Even naming the three ways you can effortlessly wear it might help you remember that it’s not that hard. 

This is my quick mom-life morning routine that sometimes is much faster if I am running late (most days). I have actually worked hard over the past year to simplify my closet and choose clothing that fits my style well. One of my new favorites on simplifying is "The Simplified Life" by Emily Ley, mentioned above.

Moms, taking care of you is a must. If you love your clothing and make-up situation - praise Jesus! If not, may you find that changing a few things in your morning routine can change your daily confidence. It's the little things, right?


Amy Seiffert