I Heart Teachers

Let's talk Teachers. Who ARE these Olympians? They stand with their arms and classrooms and hearts open wide for our children to crash into, all with a smile on their face. I’m speechless. Thank you. I love you. (Too much? Nope. Not enough.)

There are three major things I love about Teachers. 

1. They are calm. So many of them are SO calm. How is this happening? Again, Olympic poise. I would not be calm if 23 weird and funny and sweet fourth graders were in my living room all day asking me questions and telling jokes with "Fart" as the punch line. Far from calm. But they are. Nothing rattles these amazing humans called Teachers. 

2. They are ready for anything. Like Michael Phelps busting his cap moments before his race - they've got a Plan B. And C and D. They have ideas in their pockets. They possess creative solutions and intellectual flexibility. They are ready for circle-time and preschoolers who carry their blanket, Pooh Bear, and HUGE hand-made comforter from Gaga (Grandma to you) for the first 5 weeks to school. I am not ready for this. Let alone this times thirteen. But they are. Thank you, teachers, for being ready for snuggles and snot. Saints, you are.   

3. They are life-giving. Some of my closest friends are in the classroom including public, private, or home schools. And one Teacher-Olympian-Friend said: "The arena is small, but I feel like the impact is big." YES and YES again. You have my children in your classroom. My offspring. My Loves. The classroom may be small and stuffy and sweaty and sticky - but these kids are very big to me. So big in my heart. Your impact is huge - you breathe life and courage and hope and belief into our people. You breathe this life into my very heart. 

You are working with people who are becoming adults who are making choices that change the world.  Logic says, then, YOU are changing the world. Where are the medals for you, Amazing Teachers? Golds. Alllllll the Golds. I'm passing out Golds for each and every one of you! You are absolutely winning. 

Thank you for taking in large pieces of my heart for large amounts of time. I heart teachers.   


Amy Seiffert