You Are Beautiful

Yep. You ARE. 

And it's Freebie Friday - so here's the latest Free Printable for you, Dear Subscribers. 

This was a suggestion from a friend who is redoing her girl's room - great idea! Of course this phrase is alllllll the rage - and it should be. I have it hanging in my hallway and each time I read it I think: "Me? Are you talking to me?! Wow - thanks!" 

Subscribe to my blog, get your password (case sensitive, save it - you can keep using it for other printables) and hang for you, for your people or for someone else as a gift!

As you may have seen, I’m going for it. And as my mom so sweetly said - trying to get as many subscribers to then be noticed by a publisher.

Oh the dance. To be noticed. Here's the thing, friends. If it's only for a few people who begin to see things differently along with me in life, then that’s enough notice for me. 

That's the real beauty. 


Amy Seiffert