Amy Speaks

Amy loves a good chat - with just about anyone! She has been speaking to college students for the last 20 years at various Cru ministries around the country. In the past few years she has been preaching at her home church, Brookside, as well as guest teaching at other churches, women's groups, and retreats. You can watch her speak and teach below and contact her for booking! She is always up for trying to align the stars as she juggles her family of 5 and her passion for speaking. 

Topics include:
The Power of the Tongue 
Jesus and The Ladies
Sex, Dating, and Relationships  
Friendship and Marriage
Firmly Rooted
The Spirituality of Motherhood....and more. 



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Love Over shame

Jesus writes Love over Shame every time. Teaching through John 8, Amy takes you on a journey through each character in this face to face grace story.  

The Spirituality of MOtherhood

Amy walks through four key thoughts on why God has a tenderhearted grace specifically for moms. (Unfortunately this one picks up a few minutes in - we heart technology!) 

We are Sent ones

Part of our identity as followers of Jesus is that we are Sent Ones. What does that mean and what are we sent to do?