Bonus Episode 07 | Motherhood Series Kick Off!


Who wouldn't want just a quick bonus episode where Lori and Amy talk about being moms, about how Amy wrote her book (Chin Up) on motherhood because it felt like a lopsided dress on her when it looked so beautiful on everyone else, and on some bonus encouragement for the weekend? No one, that's who.

But most of all, can we talk about how amazing the line-up is for the next several episodes? Yes, let's! Courtney Defeo (author, podcaster of "Leading Girls") Ashlee Gadd (podcast: "Coffee and Crumbs" and author of "The Magic of Motherhood") Alli Patterson (podcast: "IKR?" and pastor at Crossroads Church) and Meg Smalley (podcast: "Give Grace", owner of "Scarlet and Gold Shop") 

We are beside ourselves to have these killer thought leaders and cannot wait for all the laughing and learning to come! Enjoy this Friday Bonus Episode!

Amy Seiffert