Amy has been writing, teaching, and speaking on staff with Cru for over 17 years and is currently the Director of Outward Movement at Brookside Church. She is married to Rob since 2001, and they live in Bowling Green, OH with their three children Robby, Olive, and Judah.

Amy pulls you in with her story telling and down-to-earth insights. Weaving Biblical wisdom through her presentations, Amy takes you for a ride and drops you off back home filled up with truth, love and hope. Relatable, funny, and a bit provocative, Amy has the uncanny ability to articulate what so many are thinking about in their daily lives. She inspires, teaches and humbly relates to the mystery and messiness of life. 

Touching upon the topics of dating and relationships, marriage, infertility, parenting, anger management, emotional health and wellness, art and beauty, she infuses you with courage to wrestle with bold topics and big questions. 

The one consistent theme throughout all of Amy’s conversations is hope in Christ. With Amy, you will not find bumper sticker slogans, but a comfortability with the complexities of life where questions are more often obvious than answers. Amy is the first to admit that she is on a journey herself and invites any willing spiritual pilgrim to walk alongside her in the pursuit of truth and the knowledge of God.

What sets Amy apart is her deep desire – while navigating an already full life – to continue asking meaningful questions, to live life with her eyes wide open, to help illuminate what makes life, above all else, a gift to be cherished. Her desire to embrace that gift shines through in her writing.
— Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist, Over the Rhine
Her teachings paint pictures with words that equip and empower people to live for Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. Amy has a passion and commitment to the glory of Jesus for the good of all peoples.
— Kevin Crawford, Lead pastor, Trinity Church, Board of directors EFCA
Amy leads others to look at life from a high view but instead of pushing you off the edge, she jumps first.
— Nancy Bartolec, Great Lakes Regional Director of Cru
Amy’s writing beautifully displays this fact: that redemption makes art of everything.
— Sam Schmitt, Pastor In Residence, Brookside Church