Chin Up

Wearing Grace, Strength, and Dignity When Motherhood Unravels Our Souls

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What if today is the perfect time to notice God’s grace in one another?

Women are so often weighed down by comparison, anxiety, and fear that the idea that grace could look amazing on them feels unbelievable. But all around us are flashes of grace, shining examples of God.

Amy Seiffert says it’s the every day moments that Jesus shines through: making time for a friend even when you your to-do list is pages long, apologizing to your neighbor when you don’t want to admit you were wrong, opening the Bible when your soul feels hollow and empty.

A perfect gift to affirm and encourage women, Grace Looks Amazing on You is a timeless Christian message packed with personal story and reflection, scripture, and deep biblical truth. This 100 Day devotion will help you change your perspective so you can confidently radiate the grace of Christ.



About the book

Amy wrote this book for moms who feel unraveled in their motherhood and who need laughter. Who need encouragement. Who need grace.

“If every mom read this book, we would have a world of moms fully rested, deeply secured, and entirely grace-covered.  Amy’s honesty cuts through charades, her words hunt for Jesus like he’s an actual treasure, and her delivery of new perspectives reminds us of the things that matter most.  After reading this book, I wanted to linger a little longer with my kid on the floor, stay in my pj’s for a couple more hours, and change a couple more diapers in the name of love.”
— Lori Brittenham
“Even if you might be unsure of where you stand spiritually, do not doubt your decision to buy this book. We can ALL, as mothers, relate to Amy’s perspective on mothering because Amy is relatable and real. Like hanging out with your best friend who is trying to reassure you of the amazing job you are doing as a mom, Amy’s words will lift you up, make you laugh, and give you grace. What mom doesn’t need that?”
— Holly Galligan
“Right in the middle of my overwhelming and underwhelming moments of motherhood, Amy’s words have been sweet encouragement and needed truth. As she transparently shared her journey toward a motherhood of more grace, I found myself underlining and amen-ing, laughing about motherhood, and mostly, shifting my eyes and heart towards Jesus.”
— Trinity Gawron

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Dear Wife

Amy also is a contributing writer for the book Dear Wife. This is a book designed for wives to practice connection to their husbands and to grow into the wife they were designed to be! This book releases May 1, 2019! Amy is an integral part of A Wife Like Me ministry and would love for you to check it out!