Thoughts about 3 year olds...

-When we make mac and cheese, we always stir in a vegetable. It was a frequent and fervent belting of "Mac and Cheese and Peas!" for a while. Tonight, we tried broccoli. We poured frozen broccoli in the boiling water first....then after a few minutes added the pasta and made as instructed on box for a quick meal. Good move. He gets shocked when he has "regular" mac and cheese sans green stuff. -The Heart of the Matter. We have gone after the heart of the 3 year old around here, not just the outward attitude and motions. Frequently I will ask him: "Do you have a sharing heart? Because it looks like you don't." Jesus said from the heart flows our let's start there. Tonight Robby told me: "I do not have an obedient heart, Mama." Well, then. Let's turn that one around. We've started an Obedient Heart Chart with stickers. He has gotten three chocolate icecreams so far! (for filling up a 9 sticker chart)

-I want him to know the Bible at an early age. Not like some weirdo kid...but one who knows the God who made him. We have been repeating/singing this phrase from a letter from St. Paul: "Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not envy and it is not rude." Then tonight, after Robby was quite rude to me, I asked him to tell me if love (and acting in loving ways) is rude or not. He sat and thought. Then said, Love is NOT rude! Great job, buddy. Please act in love.

-The power of choice. Tonight Robby wanted so badly to get out of his bed when I was saying goodnight and was threatening with his toes toward the floor. I gave him a choice: He may get out of his bed, but then I close the door all the way and turn off his nightlight OR he can stay in his bed and I will leave the nightlight on and the door half open. I bet you know his choice....he is sound asleep in his comfy bed.

Any other tips, O dearest wise readers?

(this sums up our summer exhausted he fell asleep while making a "diving board" out of pillows after swim lessons) sleepingboy