Beautiful BG

We were covertly "selected" as one of the top 12 most beautiful "front-scapes" in our town for the 2010 year. How lovely....but I think the joke might be on us. I was weeding the backyard (liked a selected gardener ought to be doing) when a retired couple with a clipboard approached me and asked to put a sign that reads "Selected Home for Beautiful BG" in our front yard until July 24. On that day, the top 3 houses will be awarded giftcards to our local nursery.

Don't think I didn't just march my tail to the front yard and promptly start weeding that whole stoop so that sign would really mean something. And yes, you'll see me now watering my grass. You put me in a contest, and I'm going to win, baby. That's the bottom line. Game on, grass-clippers and garden-competitors.

Several neighbors have asked if it is a voting process and can they help us out? One friend suggested that she could be of a unique use; she was willing to, in the darkest hours, vandalize the other "selected homes". Select this, she thought.

I quickly talked her down. (But affirmed her that she is indeed an adult who can make her own choices....)

But I think the joke might be on us. How is it that I have not seen one other "selected" sign in any other yard in town? Are we busting our butt for nothing? Will we show up this Saturday in our dungarees, plastic garden clogs and hoes in hand to a ghost award ceremony.....just the bees buzzing and the quiet meadow starring back at us, tilting back it's head in a quiet laughter? I'll let you know who wins.... selected