When You Can't Get Pregnant

A sweet friend sent this to me. It encouraged me and made me think. It is a sermon series called: "Family Mess" and this message is titled: "When You Can't Get Pregnant." It might be a different perspective you need. Or not. This is from a pastor in Columbus at The Vineyard Church. So he has a Christian world-view and talks about a Bible passage in Genesis that I find helpful.

I think this would be great for anyone to listen to if you are wrestling with fertility, have a friend who is (he gives good tips) or are even struggling with your own "shattered dreams." (Who isn't in the latter category?)

He addresses: -The reality that 1 in 8 couples are struggling with some form of infertility (primary or secondary) in our nation - what is the problem? -Is God judging me from past behaviours - and so my dreams are shattered? -I know what is "wrong" in my life - what is right?

Take a listen HERE.