Why Toledo?

Why is Toledo the 3rd largest city for Human Trafficking? day 70I am getting bored of posing. Erica told me to fist pump, yo.


Also: confession, I REALLY wanted to buy some new shoes. As if I don't have enough already. Just a basic, human desire - not a need, but a want. Some have called me Imelda (Imelda Marcos, Filipino politician owned between 1200-3000 shoes (it's debated) - size 8.5....)

But I resisted, as I am until May 15.  AND THEN my sweet friend Les gifted the very pair of boots that I was pining after - they were too small and said I could have them. How FUN! They are super fun and we cannot decide....they are cross between hard core/vintage/punk/rainboot.....what? I know, amazing. I'll show them soon.