The "Rota"

That's what my friend B-Mama and I have fondly called one of the most disgusting virus' to hit our world: Rotavirus. Two words: Yucky Stinky. Robby just got over about a 14 day bout of Rotavirus. It's a virus that has flu-like symptoms with a grand finale of a week long stench of the runniest, grossest poo you've ever smelled. And that's not even the amount of detail that I could actually go into. 

He's doing much better now. Fully hydrated, happy, back to his 18 pound self. (He was down to 17 at one point.) There was not a whole lot to do about the virus.....just keep him hydrated and stick it out. I am so glad my boy is back. He's back to scooching, licking furniture, smiling, giggling and has his second front tooth now, too. The "Rota" has left the house.

robby-on-chair.jpg 102_0001.jpg 102_0006.jpg