Alpha Phi Garage Sale: Proceeds go to TDP

alphaphigaragesale When I can, I help advise the Alpha Phi sorority on campus at BGSU. The girls this Friday gathered their belongings and had a yard sale - all money was donated to The Daughter Project! It was so sweet of them. I just had to get something! :)


My husband and I were invited over to the BGSU President's house, Dr. Carol Cartwright on Thursday evening. I wore this black number over my dress for the evening. Rob was one of 25 or so celebrated for the art economy in Northwest Ohio that evening.



Trinity is wearing her dress as a Junior High teacher every day this month with me. She writes a different fact on the board about human trafficking and only talks about if a student asks. She has talked about STD's and enlightened other teachers about the issue. Way to go, Trin! This dress over mine was from the Alpha Phi yard sale.

kiddosAnd then, you just gotta love dress up days....the Rieske family and Robby. From sunup to sundown Robby wears some kind of super hero guy. To the grocery store. Outside. Wherever. My only stipulation: you cannot wear it to preschool (2 hours twice a week).