The best encouragement...

in this whole project came from the lips of my man a few days ago. We had a sweet time at our Servant's Retreat for Cru where we reminisced about the year and then we said what we enjoy about each other as staff and students were together for the evening. My husband, after saying some other sweet things to me, said in a soft whisper, with tears:

"I love how you just try something, you just go for it - just a little thing - like put on a gray dress....and it turns into something huge. CNN picked you up. I am proud of you."

That was the best. Love you, Babe.

I am going to do our week of travels from Las Vegas to Ashville, NC in a few days - but I had a blast trying to figure out the challenges of actually being in a wedding and having this gray dress. The bride, Jenn, started my last month with me the day before her wedding. Here we are....


Dress as shawl on wedding day.... dress3Jenn (bride) on first day of her honeymoon.

dress2 Jenn and I at her rehearsal dinner...hers is black and is tucked in....I've put an entire dress over it for the evening....what fun!