from the first year of pre-school! (2 mornings a week for 2 hours each) Amazing. He had a good time but was very ready for it to be "all done" for a while. He likes being home, as many 3 year olds do. mrsk2


He loved Mrs. K and was glad to give her a graduation hug. How sweet.

In other news - Rob's littlest brother, Terry, got hitched this past weekend in Milwaukee, WI. What a beautiful and fun city right on Lake Michigan. He and Maggie are a fabulous couple that just had a beautiful service. This was quite the trip, from Thursday through this weekend and we are all done with our long distance weddings for a while now. Here's a quick shot of the lake:

lakeIt has also been about 3 weeks since I threw my gray dress on my blue chair in my bedroom. It has remained right there. Not sure what will become of it - you think it might just compost right into my furniture?

I am enjoying pregnancy clothes (thanks Eileen, Sara and Trin!) and the fun of freedom in the morning. But there is more stress now in what to wear, and I find myself wanting that one piece that I have to wear, so that I don't have to keep making decisions early in the morning. I have seemed to settle into a few black sundress that I wear often.  I DO love being in workout clothes most of the day or tennis stuff for half the day. So glad I did the colder, layering months.