Father's Day

It's so fun having a bun in the oven for Father's Day - in light of the long wait for our sweet girl. What a gift! We are 25 weeks and cooking her right up. I played an epically long singles match last week (1 hr 40 minutes) with a major battle to deuce for almost every point. It was 5-7, 4-6 as I lost...but gave her a good run for her money and ran her around as much as I could; she did the same. She told me to give her a call when that baby is out and we will play again. Love it.baby

Father's Day was sweet for us as we spent some time with other dads and their families, grilling pizzas on our grill and letting the kids run around our house for a few hours. One of my favorite things that Rob does is lead our church in worship - and I think he is such a humble, honest leader. Thanks, babe, for being a fantastic elder in our church, father and husband to our family! We love you. rob