10 Things I Like About Being Pregnant

and 10 Things I Do Not.... Likes: 1. I have a huge rack. That is NEVER. 2. Feeling a growing soul kick, stretch, punch and actually move me. 3. Watching my belly become huge, round and full. 4. Public affirmation: I am AMAZED at the amount of strangers that comment on my pregnancy/cuteness. 5. Stepping onto the tennis court 30 weeks pregnant and seeing wide eyes, smiles, gasps. I crack up inside. It fuels my competition. This is my last official week of USTA competition. 6. Cravings that no one can stop: why is peanut butter and honey on oat nut bread so freaking amazing? 7. Knowing that our family is growing - and a sibling is coming! 8. Having Robby kiss my belly every day, hug it and tell Baby Roo "good morning, Baby Roo! I love you! You are so pretty!" 9. Laying in bed in the morning and having my wake up call be some sweet kicks to the full bladder. A unique time. 10. Staying active and fit gives more energy boosts than normal

Do Not Like: 1. To quote Sandy: "These are NOT my thighs." They are not. Really. Who needs to get pregnant in the thighs? I tell myself I have to add weight there to carry my weight. Whatever. 2. Along with public stranger affirmation - I also get whispers and stares. I don't remember feeling like a spectacle before. Haven't they ever seen a prego lady? So I am NOT thinner going sideways down the aisle of the airplane? Humph. 3. Battling fear: will she stay in long enough to cook? Please, God, no NICU time. 4. Achy hips. I wake up to sweet kicks, but recently my hips are achy. 5. Braxton Hicks contractions. Where were those the first time? My OB said I am sure to notice things this time around that I never did last time. Hmmmm. 6. 15 lbs on the official OB scale have been gained. Fear: will it come off? How much more will I add these last 10 weeks? (I'm housing a soul. I'm housing a soul. I'm housing a soul.) 7. Peeing. All. The. Time. (so much so Robby will say: "That silly Roo, sitting on your bladder again?" 8. The bigger I get, bedroom intimacy brings some....challenges. ;) 9. My gas can clear a room. 10. Sleepless nights looming. They are coming. We pray for a healthy, amazing sleeper. I am going to try a co-sleeper to not actually get out of my bed. Hmmmmmm.

What are/were your likes and dislikes? I think I would be encouraged either way....but want to soak up these last 10 weeks with jubilation - so bring on the Likes! belly