How to say: Good Morning, by a 3 year old

This came from my sister in a morning email. Keira has the biggest smile along with a fun loving, loud personality. This is a great wake up moment. Picture it:  Galligan bathroom, 6:30 am.  I have a towel on my head and am applying lotion.  There is a knock on the door. (Ok…why don’t you just come in?)  I open it up.  Keira has her head down and comes bumbling in the bathroom, 23% awake.  She sits on the toilet, stares at me and whispers:  “Mommy.  Hey Mommy.  You are nude.”  Big eyebrows, huge grin and all.   A classy greeting by a classy lady.

a snack Robby and Keira hard at work at Grandma's eating a snack.