Practicing Thankfulness

2-3 weeks or so to go. I've never made it this far...and it kinda...well, sucks. :) I cannot feel my top half of my right hand - pregnancy carpel tunnel? What kinda of weird thing is that? My body just feels charged up but tired. At meals I feel full but empty in an hour. My hips ache and sleeping....what's sleeping? Should I go on?

Let's practice thankfulness: -We are 36.5 weeks along - in a few days I will be officially full term!!!! Yay! -If I have 3 weeks left of this 9th inning in baseball, then that really isn't bad. 3 weeks is a drop in the bucket when it comes to perspective on life. -I am able to power walk every day (though tennis, not so much with the wrists) and feel great after a workout. -I think its safe to say I have road the nesting wave as long as possible - every closet, drawer, area (even the gross area of my basement - I've organized it and purged!) and I feel "ready" -My lifegroup at church has offered to bring me meals before the baby - how great is that? And our church also does meals post baby for a month. That's amazing. -Rob is THE sweetest husband. He gives me backrubs and is fine with my daily cry (why am I crying every day?) and he even put my boots on for me on Sunday because I wanted to wear something Autumn-like. He offered. That was humbling but he didn't say a word about it as he bent down, took my foot and slid a boot on. How tender. Now I'm crying because he's so sweet.

So, I'm thankful today.

I'm also thankful to start the adventure of raising a girl.....and have made some sweet head bands for her to sport when she arrives, any votes on what she should wear on her trip home? :