Not Fair

clear_water I'm not sure how/where/when this statement found it's way into my 4 year old son's vocabulary, but it has.

"That's not fair." He doesn't really know how to use it all that correctly  in context - but still. I'm not into it.

My husband heard an NPR piece responding to the idea of Not Fair....goes something like this:

"Well, son, you better pray to God that things don't get know what's not fair, Robby?

-It's not fair that you are cute.

-It's not fair that you had breakfast this morning.

-It's not fair that you have a roof over your head.

-It's not fair that you were born in America.

-It's not fair that you had a glass of clean drinking water today.

-It's not fair that you have shoes (and a few pairs!)

-It's not fair that your parents both have college degrees.

-It's not fair that you received several Christmas gifts.

-It's not fair that you have a coat, a hat and warm gloves......."

I haven't tried this response yet (it was given to a 12 year old....trying to think of a 4 year old version of it)- but it's a pretty helpful and real assessment. Fairness has a whole new meaning when you are the one standing in the tipped scales. And you weigh heavily in the favored balance.

It's been a very helpful dose of sobriety for me, as well. I may not whine It's Not Fair to anyone - but I feel it tug on me all the time.

May your It's Not Fair be turned into a long list of Thankfulness.....because it's Not Fair that we sit here, as literate readers, enjoying the privilege of a blog post....