The Art of Decision Making

feet We have to make them everyday - several before we even get to wear, hair to do which way, attitude to have....


I have felt such a lack of ability to make decisions well these days...from Homeschooling to time management to dinner. I feel like a foggy lost sheep. Probably (as my husband pointed out so wisely) due to my changing role this Fall on Cru staff....there isn't a "buck stops here" for  a primary focus and all else falls into place. I don't have to be anywhere for anything. No requirements and all open ended-ness has cause for a lot of decisions that were otherwise made for me.

So, here's some helpful things in my life during this time:

Dinner Decisions:

-I committed to a 3 month trial of "The Fresh 20." They make a 20 ingredient ALL FRESH (nothing frozen or processed) 5 day dinner plan for you. You pay $5 a month for this service. You just log in, print out the shopping list and off you go. This is my first day. Felt great! I get pretty overwhelmed thinking of new, fresh, good for us meals or finding them and...they have done it for you.

Life Decisions:

-I opened up my bible and dove right into the book called Proverbs (wise sayings for life). How do I make decisions well? How do I get understanding in a situation? Wisdom? Please help, God!

-I found in the first 6 chapters: fearing God is where you start to get wisdom

-God will give you discernment for every good course to take (small to big!)

-You are secure when you have wisdom

-You have total body health - you will sleep well! - when you have wisdom

-If you practice listening for it and being around it - incline your heart to it - you will find it (so I have to work at it)

-Lady Wisdom will give me grace around my neck and a crown of beauty to wear!

-Kindness and truth are part of wisdom...."bind them around your neck"

Motherhood Decisions:

-If I do not have order in my heart and attitude, a clean floor does not matter. I have to live by this.

Big Decisions:

-How does your body take on stress? Are you carrying anxiety when you consider one side? And as you sit on the other potential side, how do you take that in? Listen to yourself. Visualize the outcome of each side. Is there peace in one?