Yes and New Dinners

Well after we decided that he needed to take 5 bites of something he didn't like, being 5 ......he promptly gagged and then threw up his whole dinner. Needless to say, he REALLY didn't like it. We had quite a mess on our hands and had 2 crying kids at this point. (Olive just joined in for fun). Rob looked at me, half smiled and said: "Um, now what?"  Ha! Sooooo after cleaning up the whole fiasco I sat down with him and asked him to help me list out the "Yes" dinners. The one's he loves. And we agreed that at least once a week we would have one of those on the list. And then I said that we also need to try the New dinners I make - but if he thinks he is going to barf - to let me know and we will make a compromise. And maybe we will move the New dinners onto the Yes list.

So far, we've moved one New to Yes. I think just talking through it and having his own list (and weekly guarantee) has made his attitude better about trying New....they could become Yeses. Isn't there a spiritual metaphor going on here?

May your New things turn to Yes things. And may you not have to clean up puke.

And here's Olive not crying in her high chair...but giving hugs....