Fall Break?

Or Fall Barf? Seriously. Rob and I were really looking forward to a Dinner and Discussion with International students on wednesday night. About 26 came from the university to our friends' house. I had baked an apple-german chocolate pecan cake (I know) and was ready to enjoy it. We picked up a student and headed there.

But within 30 minutes of arriving I felt like I might lose my lunch. Needless to say, Rob took me home and I spent the entire night beside my white porcelain friend. As soon as I was emerging from the grave, Rob joined me. Yikes. Please, God, not Robby, too. We have no strength.


Rob and I called for help and our community gladly took Robby for a morning and an afternoon shift so that he would not get sick and because we simply could not take care of him, let alone ourselves. I truly believe God had a protecting hand on Robby through these last 24 hours - how did he not get sick? I had kissed him all day before (as usual) and Rob and I had passed him back and forth for a good half hour being silly earlier that day. Amazing.