What's your number?

1 - the number of times a day, at least, I have cried in the past month. Pregnancy? Hormones? Who knows? Yep. 5 - the number of snow days Robby had last week. I actually have done a ton of reflecting on our family time. Robby learned to tie shoes, draw a star, Olive was potty trained and we got out toys, books and tried new adventures together as mom and siblings. Robby grew into an amazing helper with Olive and I saw a lot of benefits of what I think would be homeschooling. Maybe not. Either way, I continue to keep my hands open to how our family and education operates.

3 - the number of times I feel like I fail as a parent each day. I respond poorly, I regret a look I just shot, I walk away because I feel like I am going to explode instead of listening to (outrageous) but still valid ideas and 6 year old "solutions" to various problems. See first number, this applies.

4- the number of times I listened to "Ocean"  by Hillsong United off the album Zion. It's perfect.

6  - the number of days it took Olive to potty train, poop in the potty and all (that's the real test, right?) She's 2 and 4 months and I think our snow days were exactly what we needed - could NOT go anywhere. She used the Target and Meijer potty's on Day 6. So proud.

59 - the number of days that Madhouse was presented with a job offer to be away from the office - specifically Rob - recently. Starting a week after Baby 3 is born in May. Waves of fear.  The job is an amazing mountain climbing opportunity coupled with filming wounded soldiers who would be climbing said mountains in Peru as well as Mt. Mckinley. I can't really say much more....it's crazy on several levels.

104 -  The new number of days for the job. 59 was miscalculated by the team - it is actually 104. That got comical to me. 3 plus months away? Get serious.

17 - the number of discussions about 104 days. Currently, Rob is not going (would maybe do a 2 week trip total), and the whole thing is still in discussions and estimates.

16 - the number of pounds I have gained so far this pregnancy.

8- the number of comments I received when stepping back on the tennis court this week. No one has seen me since September...shock, awe, oohs, intimidation ("I don't want to hit that pregnant lady at the net" said one guy in our mixed doubles practice).....it's such an adventure being pregnant. No other time in your life are you under such body comments and scrutiny. Embracing ALL the things one has said. Trying to be gracious....many comments come from those who have NEVER had a baby. Bold.


What's your number (s) today?