February Fast: Sugar

I'm 29 weeks pregnant. I LOVE sugar. And right now, I think I ought to have it...right?! At any time, any moment. I am pregnant! I keep using this 3 word line in my head to be quite entitled: "I AM PREGNANT." I should be able to do what I want. Eat what I want. Have help when I want for anything...or nothing...I will choose. Eek...no one wants a hormonal, moody, entitled, pregnant lady for a wife.....or friend.

My friend Kala is fasting from something each month for the next 6 months after feeling like she had a rich season of engagement, celebration, indulgence and a wedding. Love it. This month: refined sugar.

I heard her and thought...well..good luck with that, dear one! ;) I am pregnant, don't you know?!

There's that little voice inside my head (the Holy Spirit, my conscious, both....) that kept poking at me: a little boundary in your pregnancy for the shortest month of the year won't kill you. It won't KILL you...but you might feel very small deaths along the way....

So here we are, Day 6. No refined sugar. I really think I am in the middle of a 2 week withdrawal. Cranky, tired, whatever. But I am very encouraged that it doesn't mean I am giving up sweet things....fruit, honey, pure maple syrup, almond butter.....and the hunt for innovative sweet recipes are really, really fun!



I just made this 4-ingrediant FUDGE. I did invest in coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa and unsweetened bakers chocolate.....and it's been super yummy. I think I am finding my mood stabilization will be very helpful for my I AM PREGNANT life right now.

I know cutting processed foods and eating clean is all the rage and I have been kinda over it...for a variety of reasons. But hey, when you hear a still small voice, it's worth exploring. I have been enjoying this blog and some fun recipes. I also just search under clean eating + sweets on Pinterest and see what I find.....

My pantry is slowing being emptied of sugar stuff (it's everywhere) and the kids are adjusting in very small ways with me.

I think you could join me, if you want. It's a short month.....it's actually doable. Just ask me....I am pregnant. I'll tell you.