3 Things I've Learned After the Third Time....

It's the third time around in Newborn-Land and I have three new things I have been learning this time: 1. Embrace the Mini-pity Party

If you feel it coming on, take 10-20 minutes to just weep and cry and give into a mini-pity party for whatever reason comes your way. I used to resist this and not want to slide into the deep dark postpartum depression that seemed so scary. But crying is a great release. That hormone rush or the unfair-I'm-the-only-one-that-can-feed-my-baby-why-did-I-decide-to-nurse? middle of the night (again) cry. Things I have cried about (usually while nursing):

-I just want to sleep again... for more than 3 hours at a time

-My body looks sad and tired and yep, the third did it. Stretch marks. Perfect.

-I stink. I am sweaty and milky and God knows what else kind of fluid I have going on. Definitely needed a good cry that second week.

-NOTHING fits how it should. Weeping.

-How long, O Lord, until I can play something? Spikeball, Tennis, backyard family soccer games....ANYTHING.....

The trick here is to actually look at the clock and say: "I am going to weep for up to 20 minutes, then I am going to be done and get on with it." Stick to it. It's great.

2. You Don't Have to "Let Your House Go" 

Many people have told me once I have my third baby that I need to just "let my house go" and it won't ever really be clean. However, I have I found if I want to keep my house clean (I do), then I can. I just have to choose just exactly what to let go (ahem, blogging.....) for a little while. I've also removed many toys and just kept a few out as I found my kiddos play with what is here. I found freedom in not letting others tell me what needs to go; I like deciding what I will set aside. (There's a control battle going on here, I get it....)

3. Your Shower is Your Personal Spa

The moment I step into the shower I am three things: Alone. Clean. Relaxed. The power of the shower is amazing - water running down your back massaging away stress, heat cleaning you and relieving you of your day and the simple reality of being by yourself. You need it. Every day. I look forward to it like a spa treatment. I have taken to getting a shower at the end of the day (one quick one after my workout in the morning) to find some peace and solitude. My spa time. Who knew my biggest retreat would come in a small ceramic white tub?


Of course there are many more...but these are the shining stars with baby Judah around here. Any new tips you've learned your first 6 weeks with a newborn (whether your first baby or your fifth)?