73 degree vacation day

It's Spring Break here for the BGSU crowd. Robby and I decided to go for a quick, 24 hour Cinci visit yesterday to see my sister. A little crazy. 6 hours in the car round trip. We've been traveling a lot. But, hey, my sister asked and we answered! My parents were already down there for the weekend so we came midday Saturday and left Sunday morning. Robby was a fabulous traveler and slept a good deal of the way. The unbelievable part is that we had bare feet, green grass, sun on our face (I think I even got a little burnt) and sweat, just a bit. The kiddos were having a blast together and were really enjoying it all - but Robby was unsure about the squooshy grass on his toes. He got over it as they frolicked around. Keira - happy as a clam. We took them to the park down the street. We wore out the grandparents. We ate a fabulous meal. All in a day's work. 

It all seemed like a little dream that I had as I approached Bowling Green. As the rain poured and the temperature dropped I thought to myself, which I all too often think: why do we live here again? :) It's gotta be about the people, because most everything is.....well.....lacking.

Notice those piggiess! Toes that are out and about!

The cousins are mesmerized by their grandpa's silly antics.

Oh, so hungry!

Yes, we did! We wore them right out!