Friendly Hitchhiker

We've got a friend. Travis. He fancies himself a clean-cut, low maintainance hippie. Which is mostly true. Pretty low maintainence...except for one major time consuming thing: dreads. Did you know those things are the highest upkeep hair-do one could have? I've never spent 5 hours on my hair on a Saturday in my own bathroom. But Travis has. (secret: I've always wanted to dread my hair. any voters?) He's an avid hitchhiker, wanderer, fishermen, traveler. Needing no one but needing everyone all at the same time. Here's his latest sign for the road. I almost fell off my stool laughin' as we thought this up:

He left BG this afternoon and texted us the reactions as an experiment on his hopeful, dogged way to Cinci. He's in Dayton now (average speed, going well) and tells us :"The crowd is loving the sign. The cracking up of passerbyers is priceless." Then a little later: "Whoop. Maybe the sign just scared somebody!" To which Rob replied: "Yeah, maybe the sign gets increasingly sinister as it darkens." Good point.

If you need tips, strategies and stories on hitchhiking internationally, I've got 'em, good people. Just ask. Here at Lady Haven (we're trying out a name or two for our house, strongly recommended by a friend) we get all kinds of interesting folk - all which have a special place in our hearts. Including the low, yet high, maintainance dread wearers. The charming jesters on the side o the road.