Birthday Weekend with my boys

I have less than 24 hours before I leave the decade of my 20's. And Michael Jackson died. Just keep heaping it on why don't you. In all seriousness, I really haven't thought too much about it - I feel like I am living the "30 year old" lifestyle and really enjoying it. It will just be strange to not be the baby among some of my friends who entered the 30's a while ago - I don't have that to hang on to as fodder for humor. To be sure, I'll find other things.

I like to milk my b-day for all it's worth, so I have been calling this Birthday Weekend (and Rob has sweetly followed suit: great lunch on the deck today, humoring me with garage sales, snuggling with books with my son). It's all about being young at heart - humble, teachable and open to what God has for you day by day.

Speaking of - anyone seen the documentary "Young at Heart"? Fabulous. Enjoy your weekend......