A pocketed dress complete with sucker...

Kate was Robby's Tuesday and Thursday sitter last year as I was on campus. They had such a sweet and special bond as she taught him many sweet childish songs with her beautiful voice. He loves music and he loves Kate. She just got married and he had the privilege and responsibility of being the ringbearer! Talk about a comical nailbiter...he and Eleanor, the other 2 year old flower girl, were bobbing and weaving their way down the aisle with a lot of help by daddy. Robby's sole motivation: I was at the end, in the wedding party, with a sucker in the pocket of my dress for him. (yes, a pocket, so lovely) With me finally in sight, he left Eleanor in the dust and ran the second half of the aisle to me to get the sugary sphere. Adorable.

We continued to party, dance and enjoy cake until he crashed at 10:30 at the reception - whaddaday.

How cute are they?