Dear Oprah,

The BBA: Boobs, Books and Attitudes will Celebrate 10 Years! A book club that has been meeting for ten straight years out of Northwest Ohio? Preposterous. Unheard of. You're lying.


In ten fruitful and life-changing years we have experienced an entire decade through the eyes of countless characters, plots and eras. We have waddled in and out of each other's living rooms, book in hand, as some of our bellies have grown, swelled and given birth to our children. We have held each others newborns and grandchildren and nephews while agonizing why Kate in "House of Sand and Fog" did not just open her damn mail. We have exchanged parenting tips, we have walked through job and relationship loss, we have laughed until we ached -  all with a common book on our nightstands. We have debated religion, we have given one another tennis tips, we have basked in our gardens as we threw our two cents in on each story.

We have decided who killed JFK. (Only did this once: we each chose a book on the Kennedy family and reported back and compared notes and family trees.)

We have cried with Dinah as she walked through horrors in the "Red Tent" and laughed with Biff, Jesus' best friend, in "Lamb." We have each fingered the pages of over 100 books together, throwing them, staining them, swearing by them and swearing them off. We have experienced all genres, we span a 23-year age gap, we have had 11 of us at most, 9 of us still.

Ten short and long and dull and dynamic years. One book club. And One request: Will you celebrate us on your show, dear Oprah? Will you celebrate that we have endured so much, bound together like a good, thick story - well worn but savored, delicate but tenacious?

We'd love to be a collective guest on your show. We know you adore and soapbox literacy, beauty, the written word, knowledge. We do, too.